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PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Tips, Tricks & Cheats



This guide will go over some helpful Tuber Simulator tips, tricks, or cheats and exploits to help players get more views. Becoming a virtual YouTube celebrity and getting millions of subscribers isn’t easy, but these tips will help everyone. Master PewDiePie’s new game right now.

In September the world’s biggest YouTuber in the world with over 48 million subscribers launched his new game. Tuber Simulator is extremely popular, and loved by millions of fans. Whether you want to add more hangables to your room or get unlimited Sponsor Eagles, we have you covered.

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Become a pro and level up faster, get more views, or take advantage of glitches and hacks to keep progressing further in the game. Most cheats or hacks online will get players banned, so instead we’ll be focusing on other methods below.


After just a few weeks PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is at the top of the download charts. This is a popular game with a lot to offer. At the moment Tuber Simulator is having a few problems with servers, and players need to be running the latest update to have access to their friends list.

Follow the developers on Twitter for the latest news, updates and information. They also have mentioned a few hacks or cheats will get you banned, so use caution. Like changing the clock on your iPhone to get shipments faster. Don’t try it, it’s not worth the risk.

That said, here are some helpful tips, tricks or cheats to level up faster. We’ll even show you how to get unlimited Sponsor Eagles to earn more stuff and views. It’s worth noting that some of these glitches or tricks may get fixed in future updates. As of right now with v1.0.4 they all still work.

Sponsor Eagle

As many players probably know, an Eagle flies over the screen every 7-10 minutes. Clicking on this will drop bonus boxes. This is a great way to level up and improve inside the game. Don’t miss it though, you’ll have to be fast.


The Eagle itself is a great tip for players that didn’t know what it does, or why it’s flying over the screen. However, there’s a glitch floating around that will allow all PewDiePie “bros” to get unlimited Sponsor Eagles. Instead of every 10 minutes or so, it will appear every 10 seconds. Exciting, right?

A user on Reddit found the glitch. Essentially players need to have a shipment on the way as the glitch requires the Puggle mini-game. While waiting on an item to ship to your office and YouTube room click the Eagle as it flies overhead. Very quickly click the bonus open and instantly hit “Back to Room”. Next you’ll open the Puggle mini-game room and hit the X to go back to your room again. Wait 7-10 seconds and another Eagle will appear. Repeat the steps to earn unlimited Eagles, views and subscribers.

Check out the video above for a look at this hack or glitch in action. Again, it works right now but could be patched in the near future. Also, don’t be surprised if the developers punish players for taking advantage of it.

Free Desk or Monitor Exchange

Upgrade your desk or monitor to something new and different, or just change it out for something else when you get bored. Don’t pay for it either, as we can get them for free using a quick trick.


Simply click on any desk or monitor and when the screen shows your room and prompts if you want to buy it, quickly close/stop the game and application. Hit home on your smartphone and kill the application with your recent apps menu.

Once you log back in you’ll instantly have whatever desk on monitor you were on before the game closed. Completely free. This hack appears to only work on these two items.

Hang or Put Items on Top of Others

Another way to progress in Tuber Simulator of course is to buy stuff and deck out your room with lots of furniture. However, it starts to get very cluttered really fast. Some users have found that you can actually put items on top of others, or even hang decorations on other hangables or items.

Buy a hangable and use the rotate button to switch the orientation. If you click it enough, the game will glitch out and let you hang it somewhere you can’t. Attaching to other hangables and such. It’s nothing special, but can give your room a unique look that’s different from everyone else. More information can be found here.

Watch Some Ads

A popular trend with games that feature in-app purchases are ads. Tuber Simulator has ads that users can watch to earn a little extra. In fact, watching the ads gives you a 2x booster which will make videos faster or speed up shipment deliveries.

Spend a few seconds watching an ad about some games or apps for your iPhone or Android and get free views or subs as a result. It’s a good deal, and only takes a few seconds. There are moments where there is nothing to do in the game, so pass the time by watching an ad.

Make Longer Videos

Maxing out the Knowledge tree and spending Brains is a good idea, but early on don’t just waste Brains. Instead spend them wisely to max out a few specific categories, which will allow you to make longer videos. A good trending topic with a 12 minute video will earn tons of views and get you lots of new subscribers.

Spend Brains to max out the Views Boost and Streaming options early on. This will let you make longer videos. Focus on certain categories and eventually fill up the Knowledge tree. Views Boost will even expand to let you make two videos at a time, or get two shipments at once.

Don’t Worry About Looks

At first, don’t worry about how your room looks and what furniture you have. Yes it’s important and fun to customize everything, but be cautious at first. Fill your room with anything and everything you can at first and you’ll be leveled up in no time.


Combine that with using our unlimited Eagles above and a few other tricks, and soon you’ll have more subscribers than you can count. Once you start getting some high numbers more decorations and furniture will unlock. Then you can go all Martha Stewart and design your room any way you want. It’ll be better in the long run.

One Million Subscribers Time Glitch

Don’t try this. We’re seeing a lot of reports and guide on how to earn one million subscribers instantly. This is a glitch that has been used in thousands of games for smartphones and tablets. It’s also one that the developers are aware of, and will ban you for trying.

It’s simple. Start a big video from the trending topics session and get ready to publish. When you see the 1 hour or longer notification before it completes just change the clock forward on your phone. Hit home and exit the game, then change your device settings to tomorrow. Go back in and everything is done, subscribers earned and more.

However, the developers have caught on. Not only is this causing problems in Tuber Simulator, but they’re going to start banning players that do it. So yeah, don’t try that unless you think it’s worth the risk.

Other Tuber Simulator Tips

Of course there are tons of little tips, tricks, suggestions or ways to get the most out of Tuber Simulator. The game has tons of things to do, and will keep you entertained for hours and hours.

It might sound like common sense, but these are some tips to get more views and extra subscribers.

Use the Sponsored Eagle as often as you can, or even try our glitch above to get unlimited Eagles. Expanding is also important. Save your Bux and do quests to level up and earn enough to expand. You won’t be able to add a lot of furniture without expanding, so make that a priority at some point.


Play the Puggle mini game often. Whether you’re waiting for a video to finish, trying to pass the time, or just want to have some fun. Keep in mind that the Puggle game gets more expensive as you level up. So pay attention to how much you spend while you play. Keep playing to speed up shipping times.

Don’t forget to do the quests. These will earn Brains, Bux, views and even subscribers. Save boosts too. Yes they refresh every hour and shipping boosts are every 12 hours. Save your boost and use them carefully. Like a double trending video. Boost those.

Making a video of a trending topic is your best bet, and one with two trending topics is even better. Use your boost on those if available. If no trending videos are available make some quick short videos to get a new batch. Likely a trending topic will appear in the refreshed list.

These are just a few tips and tricks to get the most out of PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator. Stay tuned right here as we’ll update this list with more information as it becomes available. If you have any tips or glitches, let us know in the comment section below.



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