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PhatPad 4.4 Released




PhatWare just released an update to their popular PhatPad note-taking software. Matt has done a couple of InkShows on a previous version on PhatPad; the first was on using PhatPad on a Tablet PC and the second related to using PhatPad to sync this notes with a Windows Mobile device. PhatPad 4.4 includes the capability of viewing your PhatPad notes on your Windows Mobile device that you created on your Tablet PC.

PhatWare has made a free trial of PhatPad 4.4 available. If you own a previous copy of PhatPad, the upgrade is $24.95. A full copy runs $39.95.

New Feature Highlights

  • Allows to load background images Allows toolbar customization
  • Supports handwriting recognition (PenOffice and/or CalliGrapher software is required, sold separately); Tablet PC recognizer can be also used
  • Supports vertical and horizontal auto scrolling
  • Allows to mix digital text, handwriting and drawing on the same page
  • Supports document templates
  • Supports printing (Desktop/Tablet PC)
  • Supports document password protection with 265-bit encryption
  • Includes 7 UI themes (Desktop/Tablet PC)
  • Includes new bring to front/send to back commands
  • Includes spell checker for Desktop PC
  • Allows changing page order in the PhatPad document
  • Allows notes animation with new Animation feature
  • Includes multiple customizable toolbars
  • Includes new File and Page managers for Pocket PC
  • Includes new Pocket PC Today screen add-on
  • Supports Windows Mobile 5.0 more…
  • Certified for Windows Vista (supports x86 and x64)



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