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Ever need a way to quickly launch applications?  Do you ever Ink the same thing to convert to text??

Pen Commander to the rescue!  Pen commander is an application that sits on your desktop to help you launch applications, enter text, navigate or just about anything else you want it to do!  At first I didn’t think I would really use this type of application, but after using it for the past few weeks, I have really started to use it more and more.  It’s nice to be able to do multiple things by only writing a small command!!

PhatWare PenCommander for Tablet PC features a new powerful technology which allows you to use your pen to call up commands that can control your computer in almost limitless ways, such as editing documents, inserting often-repeated text into documents, and launching applications. To execute a PenCommand, simply write a PenCommand name on the PenCommander input panel. PenCommander is the best tool for entering repetitive data, accessing frequently used applications and documents, and overall extending your pen-enabled computer’s functionality and productivity. PenCommander runs on any Microsoft Tablet PC or compatible computer and includes the Visual PenCommander Integrated Development Environment (IDE) (screenshot) which provides a rich and easy to use user interface to create, edit, and test PenCommander scripts. The PenCommander Script Reference is available online and can be accessed here.

You can download a 30 day trial here and give it a shot for yourself. If you get it now you can save $10 for only $19.99


Video: PenCommander InkShow

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