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Phatware Releases PenCommander 2.0



PencommanderAs the slowly increasing wave of applications tailored for running under Vista is released comes word that Phatware has released PenCommander 2.0. PenCommander 2.0 is a system utility application that features a powerful scripting technology, now enhanced to support Vista. Some of the new features include:


  1. New PenCommander skins
  2. Updated Scripting engine to allow for new user-level functions and improved performance
  3. Ability to select a handwriting recognition engine, useful if multiple languages are used 
  4. Commonly used keyboard shortcuts and PenCommands can now be assigned to single stroke gestures
  5. New customizable user interface for Visual PenCommander
  6. Input Panel can be made semi-transparent, for viewing other applications under the panel.

Here’s a link to the press release. Price is set at $29.95 and there is a $10.00 discount offered at this link.

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