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Philips releases a new medical Tablet PC



Philips CliniScape Tablet PCPhilips just announced a new 10.4" Tablet PC aimed again at the medical professionals. Dubbed the CliniScape, it looks like a really nice, small slate style Tablet PC with a handgrip on the back. The tech specs are respectable but not the fastest out there:

– 10” XGA pen-touch-screen
– smart swappable battery (3,5 hrs)
– lightweight (1,6kg) with backside handgrip to minimize  fatigue
All-in-one functionality
– Windows Vista Business and Intel Core Solo processor (1,2GHz)
– wireless 802.11 b/g/n connectivity
– barcode imager and RFID reader to support the five rights of patient safety
– digital camera (2Mpxl) to capture pictures of patient wounds
Medical appliance
– easy to wipe clean to reduce spread of infection (IP54)
– medical grade certification for maximum patient protection
– durable design for less risk of downtime (1m. drop proof)

If you got rid of some of the features that make it specifically a medically focused device, this could be a good general purpose Tablet PC. Unfortunately, as-is it will likely be expensive since getting those medical certifications isn’t cheap. According to the press release, it should be available in the Spring of 2008.

via Engadget


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