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As you all know, I’m at the HP Connect Your World event this week. While the internet access at the hotel won’t allow me to upload video, I’m going to try to at least get you a photo review of the day’s events to make it feel more like you’re here.

The day began with a short wait outside the venue. There are around 450 press and analysts from around the world at the event.


After we got inside, the first up was a keynote session from several HP executives highlighting major product announcements in several categories including notebooks. Announced products include the Voodoo Envy, the HP TouchSmart PC, and the HP DreamColor color-accurate monitor.

P1020579_SMALL P1020593_small

P1020599_small VoodooEnvy_Keynote

P1020601_small P1020609_small


After the keynote I headed into a session on the TouchSmart. I have a great video demo of the TouchSmart that I hope to get uploaded tomorrow. Until then, here are a couple of photos. I was quite impressed.

 P1020629_small P1020623

After the demo, I had 3 interviews with HP executives. You’ll see more on the videos, and Ian Dixon, owner of, did an audio recording of the interview we did with Kevin Frost, VP of consumer notebooks. Once that is posted, I’ll get that available here.

Ian: Ian

Then we had a closing keynote covering the HP vision for the future of computing. They had several stages from 2009-2025 and included product mock-ups of various possible products of the future. Worth mentioning – a tablet companion device that sits beside your main system for ink communication.

 P1020663_small  P1020675_small


The evening with a dinner and reception at a beautiful building in the Pariser Platz by the Brandenburg Gate, designed by Frank O. Gehry. (I also love architecture!) I got to hang out with HP representatives as well as Ian and other friends.

Looking forward to tomorrow, I hope to get the video I’ve shot uploaded, plus there are more sessions with expert panels discussing mobility and other topics. Expect more tomorrow!

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