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Photoshop deblur Tool Puts an End to Blurry Photos



All of us ave had a great vacation photo ruined by blur. While you can retake the photo if you catch it at the right time, too often we don’t see the horrid effect of blur on our photos until we get them back to the big screen.

Photo correction programs have been able to help with slight blurring for a while, but for the most part you still had a poor photo.

If Adobe’s latest Photoshop tool makes it to the next version of Photoshop, blurry photos could be a thing of the past. Check out this amazing demo of the Photoshop deblur tool at AdobeMax.

It’s best when viewed at a higher resolution or at full screen, but even on this handcam recorded demo the results are impressive. They must have been just as impressive in person, judging from the crowd reaction.

Watch PhotoShop Remove the Blur From a Ruined Photo

Watch Photoshop Remove the Blur From a Ruined Photo

You can also get some color commentary by Dwight from the Office. I can only imagine he showed up to partner with Adobe so that the Pyramid Pad has Flash support.

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