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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, of the Fujitsu P1610, and the LG XNote C1 Tablet PC



Fujitsu1610angleGBM Forum user ignar has linked to several reviews of the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC and the LG Xnote Tablet PC, all in Korean, (someone really needs to create a good web translator.) So, tough to read if you don’t read Korean, but as ignar mentions in his post, the pictures are worth quite a few words. That said, in the Fujitsu review, it looks like the photographer took a clue from Lyn and Olga of Tabletology, and the LG review pictures look like they were definitely retouched. All the same, interesting looks at these two new Lgxnoteadditons to the Tabletscape. LG’s ultralight looks pretty interesting.


Here’s the link to the forum post that contains all the links.

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