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Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris? Use a Tablet PC to decide!



I am a wine lover.  My wife and I take a trip to Napa Valley every couple of years as our premier vacation, and I have to say it is an event I look forward to with much anticipation.  We started out as just basic wine drinkers, but over the years have begun to understand at least a small percentage of what drinking fine wine really means.  The process of understanding wine, knowing the difference in all the varietals and blends is very daunting.  We have spent years trying to “get it”, yet still find ourselves somewhat intimidated at fine restaurants at times trying to understand the wine list and the myriad offerings.

Enter the Tablet PC!  I have not yet experienced the use of a Tablet or UMPC in a restaurant, but it really seems a natural to me.  So I was most excited to see this story about a software company that has addressed the restaurant and wine list dilemma.  They have developed an application called Vinio, which is an extensive digest of wines, and even interfaces into a wine inventory, etc. at a restaurant.  It can also be adapted to a restaurants food menu, beer list etc.  I had seen mention of this a couple of years back, but it is great to see the level to which they have taken this innovative tablet app, and thought it worth of posting today.  I can’t wait until I get my first “taste” of an application like this!  I’d love top get a copy of the software to do an InkShow on also!   Hmmm, I wonder if it will help me select a wine to sip on while doing the video?

There is a very cool video on HP’s site that shows what this product does.  Go check it out.

Watch the HP demo video


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