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Pixel Qi Promises 7 Inch Screens



Pixel Qi remains one of those companies that we all want to hear more about. Hopefully you recall that Pixel Qi is the company behind the mutli-mode display technology that offers both LCD view-ability and a transflective mode that allows for better outdoor viewing.

Last week we heard from Notion Ink, one of the companies banking on Pixel Qi technology, and now the Pixel Qi folks are offering a little update of their own. No surprise but they are saying that in addition to the 10 inch screens they’ve been talking about, they are also working on 7 inch screens as well. They hope they will be available by the end of the year, but according to the blog post, supply chain issues and that old “disruptive iPad” led to some delays with Pixel Qi and just about everybody else.

Check out the blog post here.

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