Play Xbox One Games on Windows 10 From Anywhere
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Play Xbox One Games on Windows 10 From Anywhere



You can play Xbox One games on Windows 10 later this year. There are some catches, but this is a huge deal for gamers who need to share a TV at home or who look longingly at PS4 Remote Play and the Wii U controller.

This is not just while you are sitting at home, you can remotely play Xbox One games on your Windows notebook or tablet. It isn’t a Xbox handheld, but when you pair a 8-inch Windows Tablet that is $199 and a Xbox One controller with this, you can play your Xbox One games from anywhere with a fast enough Internet connection.

Microsoft announced the feature as game streaming for Windows 10 and the Xbox One, but this is not about showing others the game you are playing. You can play Xbox One games on Windows 10 tablets and notebooks. Even better, this is included as part of the free Windows 10 release in late 2015.

In the demo Microsoft uses a Surface Pro 3 to play Forza Horizon 2 using a controller that is connected to the tablet. The Xbox One is back at Xbox head Phil Spencer’s house. Check out the action below as we see Spencer play Forza Horizon 2 on the Surface Pro 3 from the Xbox One over the Internet.

This exciting new Windows 10 and Xbox One feature does not require a Surface Pro tablet or Microsoft hardware other than the Xbox One. You only need a Windows 10 computer and a Xbox One controller. The Windows 10 upgrade is free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 owners so many of you already have everything you need to make this work. All you need now is a Xbox One update and the Windows 10 release.

This works on single player and multiplayer games, so if you travel constantly but want to keep playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with your friends, you will be able to take a controller with you and keep up the fun. This is also an exciting way to essentially bring Madden 16 and many other Xbox One games to the PC — even if it means you need a Xbox One as well.

In the demo the frame-rate and resolution are good according to Spencer, but in the real world we will need to keep connectivity bottlenecks in mind. Unless there is a lot of fancy work happening at Microsoft you will need a reliable and fast Internet connection at home and a fast connection where you want to play. The PS4 Remote Play feature is great, but it is not designed for use outside the house and can fall apart when connection speeds are not optimal.

You can play Xbox One games on Windows PCs and tablets with Windows 10.

You can play Xbox One games on Windows PCs and tablets with Windows 10.

You will need to set this up one time to link your Xbox One and Windows PC or tablet, but after that playing a Xbox One game on Windows is as simple as clicking the name in the Windows 10 Xbox App.

We still don’t know how this will handle disk based games, and it is likely you will need the disk in to play that game, but will be able to quickly jump between digital games. If Microsoft discovered a way to remove the need for a disk in the tray, that could be a sign of even more improvements to the Xbox One.



  1. Travis Swavely

    07/20/2015 at 9:01 am

    “From Anywhere” and “over the internet” are misleading. The software services require local wi-fi -AND- a great internet connection, but will not work otherwise. IE; if you are at work, you cannot bust out an 8″ tablet and expect to even connect to your Xbox whatsoever.

    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Beta Tester of Microsoft Preview Services

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