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PlayBook OS 2.0 Ads Are Good, But Almost a Year Late



You may have heard. RIM has finally gone ahead and released the highly anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update that will finally bring the tablet the features it should have had when it launched all the way back in April of 2011. For those not keeping record, we are now in February 0f 2012 and that means it took nearly a year for RIM to get this update out.

To coincide with the launch, RIM has also released some commercials showing off the new capabilities of its tablet.

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In the first commercial, which you can see below, a guy receives an email from a friend that has an attachment on board. He opens the attachment on his BlackBerry phone and quickly moves into the other room and casually views it on his BlackBerry PlayBook.

This email integration is one of the features that RIM has included in the new operating system.

The guy then uses his phone to propose to his girlfriend presumably using the new BlackBerry Bridge to do so.

Overall, it’s a nice little commercial with a good feel and a clear explanation of a new feature that RIM is surely going to be touting over the next few weeks.

The second advertisement deals with the opening of a restaurant, showing off the new Contacts and Calendar features as well as the social integration that have all arrived with PlayBook OS 2.0.

Like the first commercial, it’s pleasant and does a fantastic job of telling consumers about the new features of the new operating system.

Problem is, these are features that should have been included when the PlayBook needed them most.

At launch.

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And while these commercials are well done and the update, on paper, appears to be fantastic, RIM is still going to have a hard time convincing people to buy a tablet that is nearly a year old.

Had these features been there at the start, with these commercials tied in, I think we would have seen quite a few more PlayBook tablets come off the shelves.

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