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PlayStation 4 Mobile App Screenshots Leak



Leaked screenshots are giving users another look at the upgraded interface and functionality headed to PlayStation Mobile users with the launch of the PlayStation 4.

The screenshots first surfaced on the European version of the PlayStation Community late yesterday, and detail a slightly updated user interface for the Android version of the PlayStation Mobile companion application that users will have access to this fall.

Functionally, the application mirrors the Xbox SmartGlass application that users can download for the Xbox 360 today. Users can monitor their progress on games, and get more information about the game that they are playing on their console. The app will also handles many of the social functions available to PlayStation Network users including profile management, message management and options for checking the latest videos posted to the Ustream service by PlayStation Network friends.

PS 4 mobile app

A leaked screenshot of the new PlayStation 4 Mobile application.

As for visuals, the leaked PlayStation 4 Mobile application matches up with leaked screenshots of the software every PlayStation 4 will have when the gaming console goes on sale November 15th. Updated screenshots of it were also posted to the same forum topic, as were pictures of the update mobile application.

While it’s unlikely that some gamers will simply pick up a PlayStation 4 because of the updated mobile application, a working companion experience is essential to the consoles value proposition. Both Sony and Microsoft are counting on new apps for iOS and Android to keep users immersed in their ecosystem for the long haul. It’s an arms race kicked off by Microsoft’s SmartGlass application some time ago.

PS4 software

The updated software for the PlayStation 4

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For its part, Microsoft detailed the updated version of the Xbox SmartGlass application coming to users, earlier this month. Like its Xbox 360 based counterpart, SmartGlass for Xbox One will allow users to purchase content for their console and manage interactions with other friends. Like the PlayStation 4’s mobile client, Microsoft is also allowing developers to treat devices running the SmartGlass application as additional controllers and in-game props.

Both Dead Rising 3 and Project Spark will include Xbox SmartGlass specific features. In Dead Rising 3’s case that means users can treat their iPhone, Windows Phone or Android device as an in-game tool.

The Xbox One will launch the weekend after the PlayStation 4’s launch on November 22nd.



  1. Ben

    09/25/2013 at 12:23 pm

    Alright, this is the second article of yours I’ve read about the PS4 and although it’s not as biased as your other article, the information in this is not 100% accurate. You’re saying you can’t use the mobile app to use it as an additional controller or in-game prop, but guess what?! You can!!
    Like with The Division, you can use the PS4 app to control things like a drone in real-time while playing the game. So it is essentially the same thing as smart glass. Go write about something other than the PS4 if you aren’t going to include information that isn’t completely accurate or biased toward the Xbox One.

    • Travis Pope

      09/26/2013 at 1:22 pm

      Hi Ben, I have noted the error and corrected it. Thanks for setting me straight.

  2. cg

    09/26/2013 at 3:01 pm

    Looks like another 5 minute wonder gimmick that no one will ever use again after the first couple of weeks.

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