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PlugBug Charges Your MacBook, iPad and iPhone With A Single Plug



File this one under, awesome accessories for travelers.

The PlugBug is a small adapter that attaches to your Apple notebook power adapter and adds a USB charger capable of charging your iPhone or iPad.

The add-on couples to your Apple charger, in place of the extension cord or plug adapter, allowing you to leave one of your chargers at home.

Check out the promotional video from TwelveSouth, which highlights the all in one charging solution. The PlugBugconnects to your MacBook, MacBook Air or Macbook Pro power adapter.

Sure, you can charge your iPhone or iPad over the USB ports in the Mac, but this is isn’t as fast as charging with a 10w USB port. If you are on the go, and need to top off your iPad and your MacBook Air during a short layover, this will get it done faster — with a single outlet. While it is aimed at the iPhone and iPad owner, it will also charge up your Android smartphones and tablets.

plug bug Macbook and iPad charger

Charge Your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and an iPad at the Same Time

If you leave the MacBook at home, you can take the PlugBug on its own as a charger for the iPad or iPhone. Unfortunately, the PlugBug only has one outlet, so you will need to choose which device you will charge over USB.

We’ve seen similar chargers from Lenovo and other manufacturers for some time. The Lenovo Power Hub even includes 3 USB ports that act as a hub to connect to your computer.

I really like the look of this charger, and the fact that it cuts the clutter in your gear bag. The $34.95 price isn’t too bad considering an extra iPad charger will cost $30 from Apple.

It would be nice to see two USB chargers built into the devices so that travelers with a trio of devices could top them all off at one go, but it’s still an interesting accessory, especially for travelers.



  1. Joe D'Auria

    11/02/2011 at 5:34 am

    Pretty sure the USB ports on newer Macbook Pros are in fact 10W. If they weren’t, they couldn’t change the iPad at all. 

  2. Yogh

    11/02/2011 at 2:24 pm

    You should probably add the caveat that it’s an awesome accessory for travelers _to or within_ North America only.

    If you just have a phone and tablet to change it looks like you could plug an iPad adapter into it instead of a MacBook adapter which would give two, admittedly rather bulky, USB plugs.

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