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Sunview PMPP A few weeks ago Warner got excited about pico-projectors, those ultra-small projectors designed to be integrated into small devices. Although many of these pico-projectors have been demo’d at events like CES, there has been little news about productization.

Today, Display Daily reports from the Hong Kong Electronics Fair that “Sunlink International Holdings and iView Limited introduced the SunView PMP Projector (PMPP), which is believed to be the first commercially available portable product with integrated pico-projector.” The SunView PMPP is basically a standard personal media player – 3.5″ screen, SD card slot, battery, and runs Windows CE 5.0, including and Office viewer that can display movies, photos, and business presentations. But it adds a pico-projector that can create a useful display up to a 53 inches. The photo above from Display Daily shows the SunView PMPP projecting off one end of the unit. The size is listed at 133 × 79 x 25mm, or 5.2 x 3.1 x 0.98 inches, just a bit smaller than an OQO Model 02.

While I’m sure the battery life is abysmal when running the projector, this is still a remarkable product, at least on paper. I’d love to get my hands on one and see exactly how “useful” that 53 inch image is when showing a movie or presenting in PowerPoint. This should be the first of many products with integrated pico-projectors, which could change our views (no pun intended!) of portable imaging over the next couple of years.

No word on pricing for the SunView PMPP, although it’s supposed to be available immediately, presumably in Hong Kong.

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