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upop1 Or is that a Sidekick??  Any way you look at this one it’s definitely interesting.  The UPOP PMP running Windows CE as the operating system really opens this thing up for some other applications to be installed or developed.  Also, with the 4.8 inch touch screen and the full QWERTY keyboard added into the mix it takes us closer to the UMPC realm…   What about calling it a MID – with CE, it will probably have the ability to surf the net using IE, especially if you are using the built in WIFI.  But we have to mention that since it’s a PMP, you can also play a wide variety of music and video formats on there including: AVI, WMV, MPG, DAT, and VOB video files, and it also supports MP3, WMA, MP4, ACC, AC3, Ogg, and WAV.

Any way you look at this it sure sounds like a great mobile device to have on hand for a trip.

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