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Pocket eDGe slips out of enTourage’s garment storage compartment



After catching the Pocket eDGe dual-display eReader/tablet from enTourage in the hands of the Terminator, The Digital Reader managed to snap a few shots of the device in-person, which they share along with some all-important details.

Being a smaller version of the original, the Pocket eDGe retains most of the same innards with a few changes due to space. Of note, the SD card slot has been shrunk down to micro-SD and the USB ports were cut down to one. The dual displays are, of course, also smaller with the e-ink side reduced to 6″ and the LCD down to 7″ 800×480.

No mention of the pen for writing on the e-ink side, but it appears to be in a garage at the top of the LCD side in the comparison photo. Not 100% certain, but I believe it’s the same size as the original, which is a standard Wacom Penabled pen. That pen should still fit the shorter width of the device.

While the previously leaked shot of the device referred to it as the “Verizon Pocket eDGe”, it has been confirmed there will be a Wi-Fi version in addition to one on Verizon’s network. Price has yet to be revealed. Should be released late October.

Via Slashgear

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. siberia21

    09/23/2010 at 10:22 pm

    Greetings from Germany,

    I am very pleased to see that it soon will be a smaller version of the device. I am very far in the insert and am completely satisfied. So far, the best device of all that I had for the pen input. The Writing on the eInk page is outstanding. The Wacom active touch screen is absolutely perfect.

    The technique of the text to the man (not write handwriting recognition) only at the call of a menu or rendered during storage (is sharp display) you can see what you write with the pen immediately without delay on the display.

    If integration of the two screens is as good or. outstanding as well as the large model is the small, as it were already purchased.

    Sorry for my bad English.

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