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Pocketables Reviews the Kohjinsha SC3 Mini-Notebook



Jenn at Pocketables has gotten her hands on the Kohjinsha SC3 Mini-Notebook and turned it inside out in a very thorough review. She covers all the bases and has a large array of pictures of just about everything except the factory floor where the unit was assembled. Intriguingly she’s reporting that the Menlow based (previously Silverthorne) system is running Vista Home Premium SP1 surprisingly well. Note that the system she’s reviewing has 2GB of memory. She was also surprised about the smaller size when comparing it to others in its class, including the vaunted granddaddy of the ultra-sub-mini-low-cost-portable notebooks, the Asus Eee PC.

She covers the highs and some lows about the device, and it is worth a read. How about that handle?



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