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PocketPCMag: iGo Stowaway Keyboard Being Discontinued



According to this report from Tim Hillebrand, of, production and support of the popular iGo / Thinkoutside Bluetooth Stowaway Keyboard is being discontinued due to the expense of developing drivers. This is one of the most popular mobile keyboards in use today for mobile phones, umpcs, slates, and more. If true, this is indeed sad news.

I’ve got an email into iGo to verify this report. I’ll post an update when I hear back from them.

I regret to inform you that the production and support of the iGo Bluetooth Stowaway keyboards has been discontinued. After a sad meeting with the iGo people at CES, I learned that the president of the company decided not to continue the line because of the unjustifiable expense of developing all the necessary drivers. I suspected something was up when I found out that no WM6 drivers had been developed yet.

Thanks for the link, Michael.

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