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Pogoplug Adds Cloud Storage to the Mix



Pogoplug added a new feature to their collection of devices and software used to let you create your own personal cloud of storage and streaming.

In addition to the Pogoplug device, Pogoplug Mobile and the Pogoplug Desktop software, today the company added cloud-based backup, storage and streaming.

To catch you up, Pogoplug’s devices and software family gives you local backup through a hard drive connected to a Pogoplug on your network, which users can also access through the Internet when away from home or the office. Their mobile device functions the same way, but comes in a package small enough to take with you and provides a single USB port and an SD card slot. Their desktop software solution turns your computer into a Pogoplug device.

Pogoplug logo blue

Today, Pogoplug fixed one of the major drawbacks of their services – offsite backup. Pogoplug Cloud will give users 5GB of free online storage that automatically backs up files like documents, pictures, video and audio.

You can log into your personal Pogoplug site and download or stream the content with a number of mobile devices using Pogoplug apps. Software installed on your computer will automatically backup the folders you select or photos and videos from your smartphone. If you’ve used the new iCloud on an iOS device or Google+ on an Android phone, then you know how beneficial it can be to have these files automatically backed up.

Pogoplug Mobile Screenshot

Pogoplug Mobile App on iPhone

In addition to back up and uploading, any file in your cloud storage account can be streamed to your phone through the Pogoplug app or a web browser. You can also choose to share the file via social media or email. Select a folder to share with friends, family or colleagues and they can stream the files as well.

Users can use the free 5GB service or sign up for 50GB for $9.95/month or 100GB for $19.95,month. You can get mobile apps for both iOS and Android for free.

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