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Pogoplug Biz, Wireless Extender Now Shipping



Pogoplug announced the availability of the Pogoplug Biz and the PogoPlug WiFi Adapter. The Pogoplug Biz is a device aimed at small business that allows them to create a data cloud that can be accessed by clients. The wireless extender allows any PogoPlug to hop on a Wi-Fi network rather than having to stay within reach of an Ethernet cable.

In addition, Pogoplug is rolling out a firmware update that will allow for web printing from iPhones, iPads, Android devices and other smartphones. Web printing works with any HP or Epson printer built since 2005.

The Pogoplug is available for less than $89 from online retailers, or $99 from The Pogoplug Biz is available for $299 from The Wi-Fi adapter is $29.

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