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Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event: Every Bonus You Can Get



The holidays are always a special time for video game lovers. For Pokémon GO fans they always turn into an extra way to save time and build out their line-up of creatures. That’s thanks to events like the Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event for iPhone and Android users.  

They’re even more important for online games. They give the developer the opportunity to connect to users with themed downloads, events and extras. Pokémon GO, is an online role-playing game that’s been made more unique by its play mechanics. Players have to explore their neighborhoods and cities to take advantage of everything that the game have to offer. Those same mechanics make it perfect for something like the Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event that Niantic Labs announced this week.


Through XP bonuses players that take advantage of the event will find themselves earning rare items at a faster past than they would have normally. Another bonus makes it possible to strengthen a line-up of Pokémon. That’ll come in handy when players are ready to do battle at the thousands of virtual Gyms scattered across the world at landmarks they’re familiar with.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event if you managed to miss the alert Niantic sent out to users this week.

How the Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event Makes it Easier to Evolve Pokémon

For the duration of the Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event, gamers get Stardust and XP for doing things in the game. Just getting boosts on these two items should change gameplay in some pretty big ways.

XP is what the game awards players for completing common activities. Battling at Gym rewards XP. So does visiting a PokeStop. The more XP you earn the higher your Trainer level goes. As Trainers move up in level, the game rewards them with more useful items. We’re talking PokeBalls, Lures and Incense.

Stardust is a key ingredient in the Pokémon GO experience. It’s used to strengthen creatures through leveling outside of evolution. You get Stardust every time you capture a creature, but only 100. With the boost because of this event, players should expect 200 before capture. Stardust also comes from hatching Pokémon eggs using the Incubator devices.


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How Long Does the Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event Last?

In a press release sent to Gotta Be Mobile, Niantic confirmed the kick-off date and end for the Thanksgiving event.

pokemon go

Despite it being Thanksgiving themed, the studio is hoping to trade on everyone already being in the Thanksgiving and holiday spirit; the event kicks off on November 23rd. That’s the day before the actual holiday starts. Kids out early from school will be able to take advantage of the bonuses on their way home. Adults that don’t have to work on Wednesday can get some extra Stardust and XP in their free time. Players can check in at a few PokeStops while doing their holiday shopping.

On November 30th, the Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event ends. From that point on, things go back to the way they were before the event. The game will once again only reward players with 100 Stardust for every creature that they collect. Without XP bonuses, it’ll take longer for Trainers to reach new levels too.

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Whether you’re one of the millions that continue to play Pokémon Go or are coming back from a break with the game, the Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event seems like a great opportunity to open the title on your iPhone or Android device over the next week.

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