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Politician Sworn In on iPad with Bible App



In the category of things that always happen, we’re all more than accustomed to politicians being sworn into office once elected by placing one hand on the Bible, and then repeating the oath. Sometimes the Bible’s in question have particular family or historical significance. And then sometimes things don’t quite go as planned. What if there is no Bible available, or a trusty aide forgot to bring one to the swearing in ceremony? Will a digital copy on an iPad or other Tablet be a suitable stand-in? Apparently that happened in Nassau County, New York today.


Edward Mangano was sworn in for his second term as Nassau County Executive today and the judge doing the honors couldn’t locate a Bible for the ceremony.¬†According to a Newsday report, an iPad with a Bible App was pressed into service and used for the inaugural swearing in moment.

Given how heated politics are in the US these days, I’m sure somewhere on the Internet there’s a tempest brewing with some saying the swearing in wasn’t official because of the use of the iPad. Others are heralded this as a new next step in the Digital Age.¬†


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