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Poor Tablet PC – But It’s Still Inking Away!!



cmccomputing This video is almost too much to watch!  CMC Mobile Computing sponsored a contest to test out the ruggedness of their Tablet PC’s and I tell you – they aren’t nice to these Tablet PC’s AT ALL.

We are excited to report on a project  we sponsored, where a group of schools produced a series of short films about our rugged PCs.

The idea behind the Short Film Festival was to work with a group of students doing ‘GCSE’ and ‘A’ level in media studies to produce a series of short moving adverts of 30 seconds to one minute duration. There were various motivations behind the decision but one of the major ones was to utilise the imagination of younger people in ways that were novel and fresh.

My favorite is when the Tablet  gets launched off the trampoline!!  Check it out the winning entry below – and make sure to keep an eye out, it seems they are going to be releasing the others as well:

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