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Pop The Lock: 5 Things to Know



Pop the Lock is a new iPhone game that is currently the number one free app on the App Store. That’s no small feat considering there was a massive Snapchat update this week that added incredible new selfies.

The free Pop the Lock app lets you play through increasingly tougher levels as you work to unlock a padlock. You don’t need to try lockpicking skills or hacks to get the lock undone, you just need good timing and fast reflexes.

Here’s what you need to know about the Pop the Lock app, if you are a new player and if you played it recently and lost progress.

Pop the Lock is Free

Perhaps the best thing about the Pop the Lock app is that it is completely free to play. There are no in-app purchases to spend money on, so you will not be tempted to pay to skip over a tough level.

What you need to know about Pop the Lock.

What you need to know about Pop the Lock.

Since there is no incentive to have you pay on tough levels you don’t run out of lives like you do in so many games these days. Considering how fast you can lose in a level, it is great to be able to keep trying over and over again.

Pop the Lock Progress Lost

If you played Pop the Lock before it became the number one free iPhone app in the U.S., you may have lost all of your progress due to a bug that the team recently fixed. The Pop the Lock progress problems are tied to a single line of code that is now fixed.

We are super super sorry if anyone lost their progress over the past day. We made a small mistake (as in we left one line of code in accidentally that reset progress while we were testing it). It has been fixed, so you won’t lose progress, but at Simple Machine we feel that no matter the size of the mistake, it rests on our shoulders. As fellow game lovers, you have our sincerest apology. The worst feeling is to know that we messed up a player’s time that they spent dedicated to our game.

The team hopes gamers will give Pop the Lock another try now that this is fixed, and they promise to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Pop the Lock Ads No Longer Pop

Since Pop the Lock is free to play and there are no in-app purchases the company relies on ads to pay the bills. Literally, this is how Team Simple Machine pays the people who made Pop the Lock and who continue to add features and fixes.

With the earlier versions pop up ads ruined the experience and resulted in many players accidentally clicking on ads. The team does not like ruining the experience and says,

With Pop the Lock, we’ve learned that the pop up interstitials are not presented in a way that is fair for you and many of you are accidentally tapping on them. We’re not that type of company and we don’t want you to feel that way in our game so we’ve removed them completely.

There are still banner ads in the game, at the bottom of each puzzle, but there will be no more pop up interstitial ads.

Pop the Lock Android Release

There is no official Pop the Lock Android release. We found a link to a Pop the Lock game on Google Play that is no longer available, and by what appears to be a different publisher.

A search for Pop the Lock on Google Play returns results for Crazy Wheel, which may include some similar style of game play.

Pop the Lock Tips

One of the best Pop the Lock tips is to tap on the screen to the side of the lock. You don’t need to tap in the center of the lock to register a tap. By tapping on the edge of the screen you can keep the lock area open so that there is nothing obscuring your view.

You should also focus on the entire ring, instead of only the next area that you have to tap. This will allow you to plan ahead better for faster progress and easier

iOS 9 vs iOS 8: What’s New in iOS 9

iOS 9 vs iOS 8 Walkthrough - Home Screen

iOS 9 vs iOS 8 Walkthrough - Home Screen

The image above shows that the iOS 9 home screen looks very much like the one on iOS 8. This is not surprising, but you will notice one major change to this screen. 

The new iOS 9 font on the home page carries over through settings and apps. It's surprising how much the look of the system can change with a small tweak to a new font.

From the home screen you can now swipe left to a new search screen, and you can still swipe down to Spotlight from any of the home screen pages.

When you upgrade you will also see options to add iCloud Drive to your home screen. 

Apple adds two new default iOS 9 apps that you cannot delete. Find iPhone and Find Friends apps now come with the iPhone by default. You can hide them in a folder, but you cannot delete the apps. The Find My iPhone app is a very good addition, while Find My Friends is still not as widely used. 



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