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Portenza BookCase for Nexus 7 Review



The small size of the Nexus 7 tablet makes it a perfect match for moleskin style cases like the Portenza BookCase for Nexus.

This customizable hard case for the Google Nexus 7 tablet delivers stylish protection with an array of options and colors.

The case starts at $40, and is $49.90 as reviewed thanks to the IntelliStand; a group of magnets that hold the Nexus 7 in landscape for video chat and movie watching.

Portenza BookCase for Nexus 7 review - 3

The Portenza BookCase for Nexus 7 looks great.

The Portenza BookCase for the Nexus 7 uses a faux leather finish, in 10 colors. Unlike the TreeGloo Nexus 7 case, Portenza’s faux-leather finish is hard. This offers a more durable feel, much like a traditional Moleskin Notebook.

Portenza offers elastic strap and magnetic closure options. My Nexus 7 case features an orange elastic strap, though users can choose other colors, magnets or both. No matter which option users pick, the case includes a magnet to activate sleep and wake on the Nexus 7.

Portenza BookCase for Nexus 7 review - 1

Maple wood with rubber keeps the Nexus 7 in place.

Inside, the Maple frame and rubber-covered corners keep the Nexus 7 snugly in place, even if the case is turned over and shaken. The Maple looks great, and contrasts nicely with the Black Morroco finish on my review unit while closed.

The real treat is the IntelliStand option that turns this case into something I can use on my desk. The case uses magnets to keep the back of the BookCase firm to the Maple, but apply some force and it pops off, sticking to magnets on the front cover. When set on a desk or a bed, this turns the case into a landscape prop that makes it easy to watch video or participate in a Google+ Hangout. I also use this to hold the Nexus 7 up while typing on the ZAGGKeys Flex keyboard.

Portenza BookCase for Nexus 7 review - 6

The Intellistand option is essential for use while watching or video chatting on the Nexus 7.

Portenza offers a wide array of color options so users can personalize their Nexus 7 case. I opted for a traditional black finish on the outside with a sky blue interior and an orange elastic strap. There is no charge to customize the colors of the case.

As someone who loves Moleskin notebooks, I’m a big fan of the Portenza BookCase for Nexus 7 case, In terms of looks and functionality, Portenza delivers my favorite Nexus 7 case. Though this case is $20 more than the official Google Nexus 7 case, it’s money well spent.

The Portenza BookCase for Nexus 7 starts at $40 direct from Portenza. The IntelliStand and hidden magnet options can bump the price up to $59.85. Portenza offers personal engraving for an additional $15.



  1. Carolien

    10/01/2012 at 9:05 am

    I have this case and my Nexus did not lay flat in it. I also have the TreeGloo and it is of better quality, although it is a longer wait.

  2. Alex

    10/01/2012 at 2:10 pm

    It’s Portenzo, not Portenza.

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