Possible iPhone 5 Spy Shot Reveals Slim Design

Another day, another purported iPhone 5 shot. This time, it’s out of France and it comes from the MacRumors message boards. The photo you see here was supposedly taken in the office of a French carrier.

Remember, we had heard that the new iPhone was being sent out to carriers for testing to it’s entirely possible that this thing is real.

It’s also in line with all of the rumors that indicate that Apple has slimmed the next iPhone down even more than the iPhone 4’s remarkably slim design. In any event, like most iPhone leaks, this is probably fake.

iPhone 5?

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a person with fingers that long and it’s a little odd there isn’t a ringer switch on there. Still, the design is pretty sleek and I’ve got to say, I actually might consider buying an iPhone that looked like. Well, if it had 4G LTE of course. Which it won’t.

What do you guys think? Would you buy this if it was real?

Via: Business Insider