Post-Anna, Nokia Promises Symbian Belle Update for N8, C6, C7, E6, E7, X7 in Q4

Now that Anna is beginning to roll out for current-generation Symbian^3 devices, including flagships like the Nokia E7 and N8, the company is looking forward to the future towards Symbian Belle, promising that the new software update will launch ” from the fourth quarter onwards for earlier Symbian 3 devices.” It’s unclear what fourth quarter onwards means right now–if it’s in Q4, or a staggered roll out that begins in Q4, but it at least shows that Nokia is still committed to adopters of Symbian as the company is beginning its transition from Symbian^3 towards Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

According to Nokia, “Many of you are asking if Symbian Belle will be available on the Nokia N8. Yes, the software will be available from the fourth quarter onwards for earlier Symbian 3 devices.”

I’ve tried out a leaked edition of Symbian Belle on my Nokia N8, and so far it runs beautifully on the more meager processing power of the Nokia N8. While there are still a few bugs to sort out, Belle at least put a stop to the constant rebooting frenzy that my N8 would engage in sometimes, and the software update, at least from what I can garner in the leaked build, provides a nice UI refresh that makes the OS more modern. In fact, looking at Belle, it looks pretty similar to Android and TouchWiz, with bubbly icons, a drop down notifications bar, and more touch-friendly menu items.

Via: My Nokia Blog