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Power by Onion and Gatorade – Not For Me…



Picture 1 Warner’s post earlier this week had me thinking if this would really work.  I didn’t think so and I agreed with the comments, but I had to try, just for giggles.

Not that I didn’t have anything better to do, I’m writing an article for the site so I had some time while working on that for it to just sit there and soak.  Speaking of soak, the Onion was sitting there and didn’t soak up that much of the Gatorade.  I started out with 2 holes, like the video – by the end I had more holes than I knew what to do with…  Still didn’t power my Zune or my 8925.

Oh well, at least I had something else to do while doing my science project.  Maybe I’ll just let it sit there all night and check in the morning….

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