PowerSkin Pro case packs large battery boost
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PowerSkin Pro Case Packs Large Battery Boost for iPhone 5



Ask any smartphone user about how their battery life is and more than likely you will hear something like it dies too quickly or that it never makes it through a full day of use. While an unfortunate factor of mobile phones, it is one that we are not going to be getting rid of any time soon.

External batteries such as the Zagg Sparq 2.0 are great for helping keep smartphones charged up on the go but if traveling light is your goal lugging around an external battery may not be ideal. This is where battery cases are a great accessory to have and the new PowerSkin Pro battery case is a great option to choose from.

PowerSkin Pro

The PowerSkin Pro is a battery case that is both low profile and also packs a decent amount of external battery. The Pro has a 2000 mAh battery that is on the back of the case as well as an LED indicator to show how much battery capacity is left. This case is offered in the white, black, titanium, red, and pink.

This case will be available to consumers in early 2013 but the price of the case is unknown.

Dexim XPowerSkin

Another good option for a battery case is the Dexim XPowerSkin. This case is great for those who want a battery case but not the extra bulk as it is 0.3″ at the thickest point. Beyond just being thin the XPowerSkin has a 2000 mAh battery and is offered in multiple colors. This battery case will being being sold on Amazon on February 1st for $69.99.

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Unu-Smart-Case-iPhone-5-battery (jpg)

One other interesting extended battery case is the uNu Endliss Smart Case for iPhone 5. This case packs a 1,500 mAh battery and features a rear display that can be controlled by a user over Bluetooth 4.0.  This display is handy for call notifications and also other push notifications.

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