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Prayers and Good Wishes For Maggie Bushway



MaggiefamstudioAs some of you may be aware Rob Bushway’s daughter Maggie is suffering through another series of tough medical challenges. Maggie had a brain tumor removed awhile back and her seizures have unfortunately returned. Doctors in Colorado and St. Louis are working on the case. At the moment, the family is planning to head to St. Louis Children’s Hospital Monday morning for possible surgery.

If you’ve been following Rob for any length of time you know the love he has for his family, his strong faith, and I’m sure you’ve brushed up against Maggie’s journey at some point in those travels. When Maggie underwent surgery before there was a tremendous outpouring of prayers, love, and well wishes from this community, and I’m sure there will be again. An amazing amount of cards and letters were sent to Maggie.

How to Respond

Rob has asked that if you would like to send well wishes that you please do so by leaving a comment on one of the posts on his personal blog, He says being able to read those comments to Maggie will be the greatest help at this time. You can also follow this chapter of Maggie’s story there as Rob does post updates when he can. Maggie’s next steps will keep Rob away from GBM for awhile longer as he obviously has more important things to attend to. In a phone conversation earlier today he thanked everyone for their love and support so far, and in advance for the good wishes he knows will be coming.

Obviously all of us on the GBM Team are praying and pulling for Maggie and for Rob and his entire family. I’m sure many of you who are reading this will be doing so as well.

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