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President of India tells IBM to develop Tablet PC



Here is a very interesting article at Business Standard: At first glance, the President of India telling IBM to develop a Tablet PC seem a bit misplaced, considering they just sold their PC division to Lenovo, who has already developed a Tablet PC. But, the context of his comments revolve around an ultra low cost tablet pc – $150. Here are his comments and a link to the story

President APJ Abdul Kalam on Tuesday asked IBM to join the global knowledge platform by developing low cost tablet PCs and computers based on nano technology.
Addressing the IBM Employees’ Town Hall here, he pointed out that the world knowledge platform, consisting of partners from various countries, will enable joint design, development, cost effective production and marketing of knowledge products in various domains.
“Missions relating to energy, health care, knowledge products, electronics, ICT and automobiles can be the focus areas to meet the market demands of the respective countries. Multinational companies, through collaborative efforts, can design, develop and manufacture a tablet PC with multilingual capability and open source operating system,” he stated.
He pointed out that students should be able to use the tablet PC as a digital book, notebook and an e-learning device. “The one time investment must make students’ life easy and it will give them enough time to be creative in their studies,” he said.
According to Kalam, the challenging task will be to configure, develop, produce and market the tablet PC at a cost of $150.


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