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Print Costs vs Online Media: NYTimes, Paper, Ink, and the Kindle



If true the numbers in this article on Silicon Valley Insider are eye opening.   Doing a little math they figured out that it would be cheaper for the NY Times to send each of its 830,000 subscribers an Amazon Kindle than it currently is to print and deliver the paper. Notice the words ‘to send’. That’s giving it away.

Nicholas Carson, (author of the piece) isn’t advocating the Times do so, but he’s looking at the economics of the issue. We’ve all read the stories about how the NY Times (and other print newspapers) are suffering and struggling with the   bottom line. I doubt we’d ever see the kind of radical shift that the numbers suggest, but it sure is interesting, especially in light of a line in Carson’s post that says a source tells him that his numbers on printing and delivery costs are low.

Very interesting.

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