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Private Matches Come to Titanfall, Here’s What You Need to Know



There’s a new Titanfall update incoming and it could make the first-person, online only multiplayer shooter, better than anything already available on Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall’s creator and developer on the Xbox One, announced the update on its Twitter profile this morning. All Titanfall players can expect the update to improve their experience with a few balancing changes designed to make the game more approachable for everyone. However, it’s gamers who like to play by with their friends only that’ll find this update more interesting.

According to Respawn, the today’s update contains a new Private Matches feature that’ll finally let Titanfall players team up with their friends and play the game without having to play alongside anyone else.



Before today’s update, players – even when they were part of a party – were thrown into the game’s online multiplayer servers alongside everyone else. This meant that there were almost always enough players online to get the game going, but it also left less experienced players at a disadvantage. Often players would find themselves paired against other online gamers who were far ahead of them in the game’s leveling meter and skill tree. In short, not having private matches meant that players who weren’t as skilled rapidly lost games because they couldn’t pair up with their friends and play against their friends who had similar skills  sets exclusively.

Private Matches will hold between 2 and 12 players and users will be able to create teams with up to 6 players on each team.

Users thinking about using Private Matches to exploit the game’s leveling and experience system should give up now. Players won’t earn XP points in Titanfall Private Matches. As such, there’s no way to get together with a group of friends and manipulate the game into awarding them anyone points. XP Points in the game are used to measure how much experience a player has and reward them with extras that they can use in online matches. For example, gaining more experience points unlocks one-time burn card abilities and extra weapons for users to begin the game with.

There’s also a new version insignia at the bottom of the game menu and new balancing changes like lowering the amount of times users need to fire a rocket before destroying a Titan’s shields and adjusting the amount of points each user gets awarded after online matches.

Xbox One owners will find that this Titanfall update also includes a new menu option to activate the Party App that’s required to pair up with friends. That itself is worth the update alone, Microsoft has received no end of criticism for the cumbersome way it implemented playing online with other friends on the Xbox One. This change does nothing to make that experience easier, but it does at least make the app more discoverable. Microsoft announced that it would require all online games to include a link to the Party app if they have multiplayer.

There are tons of small bug fixes for titans falling through buildings and other game quality improvements too.

All told, it’s a pretty feature rich update, even for users who might still prefer to play online with others rather than only staying in online parties. It’s important to note that there’s no way of getting around this update, the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 will automatically prompt users to download these changes the moment they open the game. So will the game’s Origin PC client. That’s true whether a user purchased it on a disc or through the Xbox Store. PC users will also get these multiplayer updates plus a few new optimizations related to controlling the game’s voice chat and performances on certain graphics cards.

A small list of future Titanfall updates at the end of today’s change notes include the ability for users to name their custom loadouts so that they’re more tailored to their play style. Respawn will also grant users more load out slots too.

Users can also expect that update to grant them more control over their play conditions in Private Matches. For example, users might be able to change the default setting for how long their games last. Today, that’s set by default based on the game type. Challenges, the tasks that users are held to for performing different tasks, will also become easier to browse. Respawn didn’t announce a release date for that patch.

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Titanfall is available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC for $60. Despite it being available on Microsoft’s other platforms, the company is hoping that Titanfall will boost console sales and act as the console’s must-have game until its partners can release other titles. Based on how many people are playing the game online, it seems to have succeeded. The game won’t be coming to any of Sony’s consoles.

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