Production of 7-Inch Tablet LCD Panels Outnumber iPad Screens
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Production of 7-Inch Tablet LCD Panels Outnumber iPad Screens



In the month of November, there were more 7-inch LCD panels being manufactured than 9.7-inch panels, which are used on the iPad and iPad 2 tablets from Apple. In the past, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs had dismissed the 7-inch tablet market, stating that it did not offer users a good experience due to the limited screen real estate and cramped on-screen keyboard for typing, and early sales figures for 7-inch tablets seem to reflect consumer agreement with Jobs’ sentiments. However, with the introduction of the $200 Amazon Kindle Fire, a heavily customized Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet with a 7-inch display, it seems that price may have been the deterring factor that prevented users from adopting the smaller tablets.

It is estimated that Amazon will move 6 million Kindle Fire tablets this year and rival bookseller Barnes & Noble will move 1.5 million of its 7-inch Nook Tablet priced at $250 this year.

Earlier introductions into the 7-inch tablet market, particularly the BlackBerry Playbook, HTC Flyer, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, did not fare well. Part of the reason is that those devices were priced, at least initially, at the same $500 entry point that the base iPad retails at, but did not offer a necessarily better user experience.

Apple had also begun to decrease orders for the 9.7-inch panels, which could explain why 7-inch panels are now being made more than 9.7-inch panels. The reason for Apple’s decreased production may be due to the companying winding down the iPad 2 as it prepares to introduce an iPad 3 model in the spring.

Apple is also speculated to release a tablet with a smaller display than the current iPad, but it’s unclear when that would happen. The latest speculation posits that Apple may introduce the new smaller iPad family member in late spring or early summer.

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  1. Mike Wrob

    12/22/2011 at 5:21 am

    I have an iPad and would actually prefer a little larger screen.  I see no reason the overall dimensions of the device can’t be 8-1/2 x 11 to fit where standard notepads do.

  2. Adam Radison

    12/24/2011 at 8:42 pm

    I am actually quite surprised that apple does not have a 7inch tablet. They are basically losing a lot revenue for each day that goes by. I am sure thousands of people would immediately buy a 7 inch lighter version of the Ipad. I sure would! I would actually own both the large 10inch version as well as the 7. I would use the 10 for playing games and watching movies in bed and around the house, also possibly for work at home. 

    I would use the 7inch for reading books in bed, on the train as well as for watching movies on the train. If apple had a 7inch tablet, I would actually leave my 10inch ipad at home and just move around with the 7inch in my bag around the city.

    Well, until apple comes out with a 7inch ipad, I will stick to my trusty Agasio Dropad A8. The Dropad is an awesome 7inch tablet with a Cortex A8 Samsung processor and capactive screen. It is as snappy as the Ipad and retails on Amazon for less than half the price of an ipad. Great deal.

    So Apple, please hurry up with the 7inch Ipad so my Apple stock can get a boost!! :)

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