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Programmers In the GBM Forums – Feedback needed



There are a few programmers playing around in the forums and I wanted to point some of them out to try and get more feedback to these people.

First – A new person in the forums is asking for some feedback before they start developing for Internet Explorer – trying to make it more Ink and Tablet friendly. They are looking for suggestions so please chime in:

I am a developer of Tablet PC applications and would entertain the idea of creating a tablet friendly browser application based on Internet Explorer. I would like to know what sort of features that everyone is looking for. I have a few ideas if my own but would like to get other people’s ideas before commiting to the project.

Check out that thread in the forums – the thread start is old, but Munderhill wanting some feedback is new!!

Next we still have the Free onscreen keyboard from DevDoo6

And Blademonkey is still working on the window rollup application he has been developing.

Then we have Josh putting out hints that he has something brewing as well – can’t wait to see that!!

Now who out there is playing with the new Ink Silverlight features? I can see great potential there!!

We can never have enough people wanting to play with Tablet PC application building – If we support them enough who knows what might come next!!  Also – If you are doing something somewhere else and would like to have some more followers post here or shoot me an e-mail, PM or something so we can get you some support and feedback!

Keep it up all!!!

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