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Project RoadMap For The Tablet PC



Project roadmapThis Tablet PC software looks very interesting. Project Roadmap is designed to allow the busy traveller to manage projects, tasks, travel plans, and more all using digital ink. The form based app also synchronizes with both Outlook and Lotus Notes. From the Design Universe website:

A unique set of pre-defined electronic forms which help you with all aspects of traveling; from packing your things to booking flights and hotels, to planning your meetings or mapping your tour of an exotic destination. Complete the forms in natural handwriting on your Tablet PC, and let the computer recognize it into text, look up your maps, connect you to your Airline’s website, and more. It’s the ultimate sidekick for the jet-set!

There doesn’t appear to be a price listed on the website yet, or information regarding a trial. It will be very interesting to see how this stand-alone Tablet PC app stacks up with TEO 3.0 and its robust feature set when trying to accomplish some similar tasks.

Visit The Project RoadMap site.

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