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Promo Code Gives Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Buyers an Incredible Discount



A new promo code for the Microsoft Store could bring users the best deal on the Xbox One yet. As of now, users who purchase a Titanfall Xbox One Bundle and enter a special promo code can get Microsoft’s entertainment console for just $399.

To be clear, whether the promo code is sanctioned or not is still up for debate. Microsoft didn’t formally announce the code itself. Instead, a member of the online forum Cheap Ass Gamer found that adding the Titanfall Xbox One console to their cart at the Microsoft Store’s website and entering the number “1” knocked off $100 on their purchase. That’s a serious discount since the Xbox One normally sells for $499 with or without a game.

The Xbox One Titanfall bundle includes a free digital copy of Titanfall.

The Xbox One Titanfall bundle includes a free digital copy of Titanfall.

Even at $499 the Titanfall Xbox One bundle was a really good deal. Buying Titanfall, the console’s first high-profile exclusive title would cost $60 separately. Each Xbox One comes with the Kinect 2 sensor, HDMI cable, one wireless controller, a chat headset and a power cable. There’s now a bundle that includes Forza 5 too. For comparison, users who purchased Xbox One consoles at launch didn’t get a game with their purchase. They paid $400 for just the console’s hardware, $10 for a month long subscription to Xbox Live and $60 for whatever game they wanted to play on launch night.

Users eying the deal should pull the trigger immediately. There’s no telling how long the promotion code will continue working or if it’s simply an internal code that wasn’t supposed to leak to the outside world. It’s a great deal, one that I’m sure many users will be rushing to take advantage of.

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Users who have already picked up the console should move quickly too. It appears that the promo code takes 20% off most things that the Microsoft Store sells online. That could mean a cheap Xbox One Plug and Charge Battery Pack for a controller you already own or even a seriously cheap Surface tablet.

As we speculated, Microsoft has pulled the promo code. Users can still save a bit with the special bundles the company offers. They start at $599.99 for an Xbox One with a Controller Charge Kit and a protection plan on the console itself.



  1. Ghhbfbnn

    03/12/2014 at 12:22 pm

    False “1” is invalid promo code

  2. Yea...

    03/13/2014 at 8:01 pm

    It says in the article that they already pulled it…

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