PS4 Game Sharing Details Arrive as Release Nears
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PS4 Game Sharing Details Arrive as Release Nears



The PS4, Sony’s next-generation gaming console, might have scored a few laughs when it released a video depicting game sharing on the Xbox One as too complicated, however the company has yet to detail how digital game sharing on its console will work. Until now.

This past weekend the company added a new FAQ, or frequently asked questions, page to its PlayStation website that should help clear up any misconceptions about how sharing games purchased from the PlayStation 4’s digital store will work after the console’s November 15th launch.

According to the FAQ, users who purchase games from the PlayStation Store can download and install them on as many devices as they want, however they’ll only be able to play that game on two different PlayStation 4s at the same time. Of course, users will have to sign into their PlayStation Network account to download any titles they’ve purchased. Unfortunately, this entire system is made a bit more complicated by a new system that requires users to identify a single PlayStation 4 as their “primary” device. Only the user’s PlayStation account that purchased a digital game can play a game downloaded to any PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4

A user’s primary PlayStation 4 is exempt from most of these rules. Instead a designating a primary PlayStation 4 allows any user on that console to play games downloaded with that account. That PlayStation 4 also becomes endowed with the multiplayer access granted by any PlayStation Plus account that has been activated on that system.

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Of course users can simply make this process simpler by only purchasing physical copies of PlayStation 4 games. That way users can lend their titles to friends without having to adhere to Sony’s sharing scheme and get cash for selling their titles back to video game sellers like GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy.

The PlayStation 4’s digital game sharing abilities mirror those of the Xbox One. Both consoles allow users to download and play titles on other user’s consoles once they’ve signed in, and each console also allows other users on that console to enjoy multiplayer as long as someone logged into that console has an active PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.

The PS4 goes on sale beginning November 15th for $399.

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