PS4 Games Deal Teased for Release Day
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PS4 Games Deal Teased for Release Day



PlayStation 3 users upgrading to the new PlayStation 4 won’t be able to update to PlayStation 4 versions of their favorite titles on the cheap, however they may be in for an even better deal. According to a post on Redditt, Target will allow PlayStation 4 users to buy two games and get a third completely free during launch week.

A screenshot of the upcoming advertisement surfaced on Reddit this morning. While the authenticity of the advertisement is up for debate, the message in the advertisement isn’t. The ad clearly invites users to “Buy 2 games and Get 1 Free.” It even includes terms and conditions for the advertisement. Users will need to purchase all three titles on the same transaction, and each title has to be different than the others.

Upcoming titles showcased in the advertisement include KillZone: Shadow Fall, Knack, NBA 2K14, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and Battlefield 4.

While the advertisement doesn’t explicitly list the day it begins, the text in the advertisement indicates that this is the advertisement Target plans to run for the week of November 10th. For comparison, the PlayStation 4 launches that Friday on November 15th. That’s within this advisement’s effective date.

PlayStation 4

This deal could save users $60 on games during launch week. While that pales in comparison to the $120 users will need to spend to get a free game, it’s still a free game to anyone who already had plans to purchase two PlayStation 4 titles at launch.

Unfortunately, no similar deals have surfaced for Xbox One buyers. Xbox One users who purchased versions of a few popular titles for the Xbox 360 can exchange those titles for their Xbox One counterparts for just $9.

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It’s possible that retailers will continue offering deep discounts and deals on titles to encourage users to purchase the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One if for no other reason than they’d like to attract as many gamers to stores to purchase accessories as they can. Deals like these could also serve as bait for gamers who would have purchased the latest games on their console instead of in a store.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 allow users to download games on the day they launch digitally, cutting out a trip to the store entirely.



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