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PS4 in Stock at Many Best Buy Locations Today



If you still need to find a PS4 in stock at a local store you need to check out Best Buy right now. The retailer shows the PS4 in stock at many store locations across the U.S. with in store pickup available as soon as today.

Shoppers who look for a PS4 on the Best Buy website will find no PS4 in stock for shipping, but they can use the website to order a PS4 for pickup at local store. This option will allow a shopper to reserve a PS4 at Best Buy for a few days, which is important in areas where the closest model may be farther away.

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Find a PS4 in Stock in February  at Best Buy.

Find a PS4 in Stock in February at Best Buy.

In our stock check Best Buy has the PS4 in stock at most stores in Ohio and Indiana and availability drops as you move away from the center of the country, but doesn’t disappear altogether. Shoppers in Long Beach, CA, Chicago Il. and Las Vegas, NV will have a tougher time finding a PS4 in stock, but there are still multiple stores with the PS4 available for pickup today within a short drive.

Best Buy is selling six PS4 models,including the base $399 PS4 model with no games or extras bundled. This is the best way to find and buy a PS4 in stock at this time. Other models include controllers, games and a PS Plus membership. The bundles don’t raise the price more than the bundled items, but if you don’t need everything there is no benefit to buying a bundle.

Click here to add the PS4 to your cart at Best Buy. It should default to the closest store with one in stock, but if it doesn’t click on Change Store and look for your preferred Best Buy.Best Buy will hold the in store pickup of your PS4 for up to eight days.

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The PS4 is hard to find in stock several months after launch. Amazon is out of stock and while Walmart and other retailers are able to keep the Xbox One in stock the PS4 is usually missing from store shelves. This could be a hint that Sony is catching up to demand for the new console, in time for a flood of new games to start arriving this Spring.

The PS4 includes a 500GB hard drive, a new DualShock 4 controller and  all the cords and connections for a standard installation. Users can plug any headphones into the controller to listen to all game and chat audio for a quiet, wireless gaming experience.

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