PS4 Release Date Expectations
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PS4 Release Date Expectations



The PS4 release date is just days away and PS4 game deals are already arriving today to celebrate the arrival of the cheaper console which beats the Xbox One to market by a week. The PS4 release is the first new PlayStation since 2006, which means some gamers and parents may be out of touch with what to expect at a midnight release or when trying to buy a PlayStation 4 before the holidays.

Unlike the past six years where all parents had to worry about was finding the right games and accessories in stock at Amazon and other retailers, the PS4 is a new ball game. If you have yet to pre-order a PS4 for release date pickup or delivery, you’ll need to work hard to get one before Christmas without spending big on eBay or Craigslist.

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The PS4 launch day pre-orders ran out long ago, but it looks like some retailers are planning to have a few of the consoles on hand for midnight release events and early morning sales.

The PS4 release date is set for November 15th, this Friday. Some shoppers will line up on Friday November 14th in the evening to buy the PS4 at a midnight release. For shoppers who pre-ordered the PS4 from Amazon, Target, Best Buy and other retailers for delivery expect to see a UPS driver show up sometime during the day or evening.

If you are a parent looking to by a PS4 for a gift or a gamer heading out to your first midnight release, here’s what to expect.

Limited PS4 Release Date Stock

Many Best Buy stores will open at midnight for the PS4 release date, offering some to users who did not pre-order.

The PS4 release date pre-orders are all spoken for, and Sony is not commenting on whether or not gamers will find many units available in retailers on release day.

GameStop, Target, Walmart and Best Buy are all planning to have some additional PS4 units available on release day.

For shoppers who miss out, GameStop may be the best bet as a leaked Black Friday ad shows a minimum of PS4 units on hand at participating stores.

PS4 Game Deals

We are seeing big PS4 games deals from Amazon, Target and Toys R Us some of which are offering Buy Two Get One free for PS4 games.

Best Buy’s online website is out of some games, but most of these are available in store. Best Buy is offering a $25 My Best Buy certificates with the purchase of three PS4 games.

PS4 Games are Buy Two Get One free for PS4 release date titles.

PS4 Games are Buy Two Get One free for PS4 release date titles.

The Toys R Us Black Friday ad leak shows a possible Buy One Get One 40% off for PS4 games, if you want to brave Black Friday.

Capping this all off is a free month of PlayStation Plus, $10 in PS Store credit and a month of Sony Music Unlimited service with launch consoles.

Long Lines All Holiday Season

Look for long lines at the midnight PS4 release date events at Best Buy and at other retailers who are planning release day festivities. Best Buy provides the following details about the PS4 release date lines and availability.

“Our stores will have limited quantities available beyond the quantity that was pre-ordered. Tickets will be distributed up to 2 hours before midnight on a first-come, first-serve basis for any available quantities. Stores will know the number of available consoles and will be able to provide updates to customers as any lines may form. Limit one console per person.”

Best Buy will set up two lines, so if you don’t have a pre-order make sure you get in the right line.

Expect the PS4 to be in limited supply all season, so you’ll probably see lines outside of Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop and other retailers when stock is rumored to arrive.

High eBay Prices for the PS4

PS4 Preorders are selling or $100 to $200 premiums on eBay where sellers will change delivery addresses for release date delivery direct from Amazon or other retailers.

PS4 prices on eBay are high for release day delivery.

PS4 prices on eBay are high for release day delivery.

While it’s not clear if this is legit, we caution against purchase any pre-order tickets for a PS4. One sold on eBay for $99, which the buyer can reportedly take to Walmart and put 10% down on console for release day pickup.

It’s tempting, but be smart about where you spend money to get a PS4. If you buy a PS4 on Craigslist, make sure you check that the console is in the box and that it works before parting ways.

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Pay Up for Online Play

While the PS3 was known for free online multiplayer, Sony is taking a cue from Microsoft with a PlayStation Plus online component that will require a subscription to play games online. Users won’t need this to use apps that connect to the Internet, but to play Call of Duty:Ghosts and other games they will need to pay for a subscription.

The PS4 comes with a 30 day trial of PlayStation Plus, but after that shoppers can find a year subscription for $50 or look for deals which could cut the price by $15 or so.

Day One Update, But it Won’t Stop the Gaming

Like the Xbox One, Sony is pushing out a PS4 Day One update to bring the latest software and features to the PlayStation 4. This is a 300MB update that will download in the background, allowing users to play games while they wait for the download to complete.

This update brings PS Vita Remote Play and gameplay sharing that uses the share button on the PS4 controller. The update should take about 10-15 minutes to download over a broadband connection.



  1. Tony Mcguire

    11/13/2013 at 6:12 am

    cant wait for PS4

  2. AJ

    11/13/2013 at 8:55 am

    i sold mine. $750 on CL

  3. Park

    11/13/2013 at 9:10 am

    You’re wrong on the home delivery date, at least in regards to Best Buy. I’m being told I won’t receive mine until earliest 11/21, possibly 12/2.

    • Michael

      11/14/2013 at 8:49 am

      You must have picked the wrong shipping because my is being delivered by 10 am on NOV 15

  4. Charley

    11/14/2013 at 4:33 am

    PS4 consoles are given away for free at :

    (US Only)

  5. Dawn

    11/17/2013 at 7:12 am

    “The PS4 release date is set for November 15th, this Friday. Some shoppers will line up on Friday November 14th in the evening to buy” ??

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