PS4 Release Date Stock Details, Plus Pre-Orders Before Christmas
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PS4 Release Date Stock Details, Plus Pre-Orders Before Christmas



PS4 Release Date pre-orders are long gone, but new stock reports from multiple retailers suggest there is still a chance to go to a PS4 midnight release to buy a console without waiting. We are also hearing about a new PS4 pre-order that promises to deliver a PlayStation 4 to you before Christmas.

Sony started taking PS4 pre-orders this summer, and as we pull within 10 days of the PS4 release date stock of pre-orders remains sold out and shoppers who are coming late to the game are scrambling to secure a PS4 for a Christmas or holiday gift.

The PS4 release date is set for November 15th and may come with a nice PS4 games deal at Target to help shoppers get up and running with the latest consoles.

If you still want to buy a PlayStation 4 on release date, or just secure one for the ultimate holiday gift, here’s where you need to go and what you need to do to avoid waiting until 2014 or paying huge eBay markups.

Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Walmart plan to sell the PS4 on November 15th to users who didn't pre-order.

Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Walmart plan to sell the PS4 on November 15th to users who didn’t pre-order.

While Microsoft is planning for extra stock at retailers on release day, Sony did not respond to a request for information on release day availability.

Individual retailers are more forthcoming with GameStop, Target, Walmart and Best Buy  claiming that some stores will have more consoles than pre-orders allowing for walk-in purchases on release day.

GameStop and Best Buy will hold midnight launch events for the PS4 which is the best chance for users to find a PS4 on release day without a pre-order. Target and Walmart tell NBC News they will have extra units and with many locations open 24 hours, it’s another place to try late at night. Savvy shoppers will look for the overlooked place that other gamers might overlook, like the one on the edge of town.

Many Best Buy stores will open at midnight for the PS4 release date, offering some to users who did not pre-order.

Many Best Buy stores will open at midnight for the PS4 release date, offering some units to users who did not pre-order.

Use this tool to find out if Best Buy is offering a midnight PS4 release date event. Best Buy expects lines will start at least 2 hours early, so plan to arrive early. If you are heading to Best Buy without a PS4 pre-order here’s what to expect;

Most of our stores will create two separate lines: one for pre-order customers and one for customers looking to purchase a console from the available limited quantities. Some stores may need to operate differently, however all of our stores will be utilizing signage to manage their lines along with employee assistance to ensure everyone is aware of the process throughout the day. Stores will begin to process pre-order customers prior to processing any customers looking to purchase a console.

Walmart opened up PS4 pre-orders with a delivery of December 16th last week, and the console is sold out online, but users may have luck going in to a local Walmart to make a pre-order as part of this new plan. Users must put down $40 on a PS4 pre-order at Walmart.

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The PS4 arrives a week before the Xbox One, Microsoft’s latest gaming console, which is also in short supply, but should be available at some retails on a limited basis on November 22nd.



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