PS4 in Stock, But There's a Price to Pay
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PS4 in Stock, But There’s a Price to Pay



Electronics retailer has the PS4 in stock and ready to deliver, but PS4 shoppers will have to budget much more than $399 if they want it delivered in time for Christmas. Rather than sell its limited stock of PS4 consoles as standalone items, NewEgg is selling them as bundles that start at S714.94 and range all the way up to $1529.94.

The PS4  sold out almost immediately when it went on sale on November 15. Many PlayStation fans pre-ordered the PS4 several months ahead of time. Many others waited in line for hours to pick up PS4 consoles that weren’t already spoken for. Since then, it’s been extremely difficult to find the PS4 in stock. Some retailers have put out handfuls of PS4s as they come in. Some Sony mall kiosks received several dozen units in late November.  Online retailers have been out of stock, save for sporadic flurries at Amazon, Walmart  and a couple of others. has been the only surefire Web site to purchase a PS4 since it went on  sale, though console prices there are inflated.

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PS4 Review - 2Newegg s clearly using the PS4 stock shortage as an opportunity to maximize sales. While gamers will obviously need something besides just the PS4 console to play anything, the $399.99 console itself is all anyone needs on Christmas morning. PS4 games can be purchased and downloaded, negating the need for physical games. At $60 a pop, it can be risky to purchase games as gifts unless you’re absolutely sure what the recipient wants to play.

So what exactly are the available bundles?  NewEgg is selling a $714.94 bundle with the PS4 console, an extra DualShock 4 controller, a Turtle Beach Ear Force gaming headset, and 1 year subscription to Sony PlayStation Plus. The bundle also includes NBA 2K14, FIFA 14, and Madden NFL 25.

The most expensive PS4 bundle includes an XBox One and 50″ HDTV. Yes, you read that right. NewEgg is counting on people being desperate enough to get  a PS4 that they’ll also buy an XBox One and a no-name 50″ HDTV. This package comes with one-year online subscriptions and an extra controller for each console. Unlike the more affordable packages, the more expensive PS4 bundle doesn’t come with a single game.

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