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Pure Slate or Bigger Convertible??



images There is a interesting thread going on over in the Fourms.  New forum member aftermath is trying to figure out what to get as a new machine and is in position that I have seen many times in the past…  What TYPE of machine to buy.  It gets down to the Slate vs. Convertible question.  Check out the post, and if you have any suggestions, let them know…

To put it upfront, the question I have is: Which direction do I go from here, a 12 inch or smaller slate or a larger convertible?  I already know that these are to totally different classes of tablet PCs (thanks in advance).  The issue is that I’ve never even seen a pure slate or a larger convertible, and I’m hoping that those of you with such experience can help me fill in the experience gaps.  In reality, I think that I want BOTH types of devices (and kick an existing laptop out of the arsenal).

So, maybe the question is which one should I acquire NEXT?

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