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PureGear Carbon Fiber Soft Case for iPhone Review



For the professional who likes to carry his or her Apple iPhone around on the belt, the PureGear Carbon Fiber Soft Case is an attractive option that comes complete with a firm metal belt clip.

PureGear Case for iPhone


The PureGear Carbon Fiber Soft Case is made of leather with a carbon fiber pattern on the outside. The case holds the iPhone in landscape orientation with a belt clip on the side. This case is designed with the iPhone 4 in mind, but will also fit an iPhone 3G/3GS.

The clip is aluminum and doesn’t rotate, which keeps the pocket end of the case up all the time so your phone won’t fall out. For those who would prefer a rotating clip, this is not the case for you. The good news is the clip is tight so the case will not easily fall off your belt.

Pure Gear Metal Belt Clip

On the inside of the case is enough space for your phone to fit snugly. Your iPhone is not going to fall out easily, even if you are holding the case with the open end down. There is also a pocket on the inside where you can store a credit card, your driver’s license, a few business cards or some cash. You won’t fit more than a few cards or twenties in there.

The inside lining is a soft material that cleans dirt and smudges off the screen of the iPhone as you slide it in and out.

Pure Gear holds phone and has card/cash pocket


The case is made well. The stitching is not loose and has not frayed during our time with the case. The leather looks and feels like it a high quality case. The metal clip is strong and shouldn’t  bend out of shape or lose its tight grip on your belt.

Pure Gear Soft Case Leather and Stitching

Value and Recommendation

If you like a belt clip case with a professional look, the PureGear Carbon Fiber Soft Case is the case for you. At $19.95, the case is also priced right, earning our recommendation for hip-holster loving iPhone 4 owners.


  • Attractive
  • Quality build with a stiff clip
  • Inner pocket
  • Soft internal material will wipe off iPhone screen
  • Good fit on iPhone 4


  • Clip doesn’t rotate
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