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Purported iPad 3 Photos Reveal Quad Core A6 Processor and 4G LTE



The iPad 3 is rumored for a release in the coming months and we have some more information on what it might be packing inside.

A source, risking lord knows what type of retribution from Apple has shared photos with BGR which show off some new iPad 3 information, including the processor and radio options, but no real shots of the device.

These images were obtained using iBoot, a tool that is able to display information about the iPad 3, which you normally wouldn’t see on your device.

iPad 3 Photo Specs

Photo claims to show iPad 3 specs.

These new photos of the iPad 3 specs include the following information.

  • The iPad 3 has to models J1 and J2 (WiFi and Cell)
  • The iPad 3 will include GSM/CDMA/LTE for all carriers
  • The iPad 3 has an Apple A6 Quad core processor

This information lines up with rumors we have heard, providing more proof of Apple’s intention to deliver a blazing fast tablet this year. There’s always a chance these screens are fake, but they aren’t claiming anything that is impossible.

Having used several 4G LTE Android tablets in 2011 I’m very interested in seeing a 4G LTE iPad 3. The ability to bring a super fast 4G LTE connection with me anywhere I am is incredibly nice, and more reliable than tethering to a portable hotspot with my WiFi only iPad 2.

The biggest drawback to connected tablets is that you need to spend a fortune on the data plan. Apple has long offered easy on and easy off data plans. If they are able to bring a 4G LTE tablet to Verizon and keep this easy on and off data feature we may see Verizon bring it to Android tablets as well. Either that or bring on those long rumored Family Share data plans sooner rather than later.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David Hollingshead

    02/01/2012 at 9:54 am

    And they said universal carrier compatibility couldn’t be done.

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