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Pushing Size and Cost Down in UMPCs and Tablet PCs



pcworld More news coming out of Computex on OEMs pushing the size and costs of Tablets and UMPCs down, as well as adding more bells and whistles to aid in connectivity.


Notebook PC makers are stretching the boundaries of light-weight and low-cost computing, rolling out ever slimmer tablet PCs and mass market models costing as little as $200 in their quest to find the next big thing.

Old school slab-like laptops could soon become a thing of the past, replaced by a new, more varied generation of slick designs, with equal diversity of features and prices.

Many of those, with bells flashing and whistles blowing, were on display this week at Computex, the world’s No. 2 PC show, in Taiwan, maker of 80 percent of the world’s laptops.

“Computer companies are really boosting their industrial design capabilities to gain more business,” said JP Morgan analyst Alvin Kwock.

This year’s Computex featured laptops ranging from traditional 12-14 inch widths to as svelte as 7 inches, and weighing as little as 900 grams (2 pounds).

“Seven-inch PCs are the perfect size, it fits in my bag and it’s still large enough for a full keyboard,” said Jason Lin, a PC system product manager from California’s PC, a U.S. computer firm, as he strolled the isles of the show.


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