Putting the Brakes on Ballmer’s Tablet Announcement?

120302BRE130This may be FUD, or the previous leak about Ballmer making a Tablet announcement in his keynote at CES2010 may be FUD. Who knows? Maybe Stebe Ballmer is biting his tongue or has his tongue in his cheek. But a little birdy, (that would be Rob Bushway) pinged a source at Microsoft who offered the following:

“I can’t confirm any details about the rumored project to which you are referring but I can say that we won’t be making any news tonight in the keynote along these lines.

Beyond this, we don’t have any further information to share, but invite you to check out all information that will be shared during tonight’s keynote at www.microsoft.com/ces.”

So, don’t count your Tablets before they are hatched, or some other fowl metaphor that might work.