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Now this is a good review of the Q1 – not entirely favorable, but Barry reviews the Q1 for what it is and concentrates on the pluses and minuses of this form factor. He shines the light on some big issues and highlights areas like the TIP that need to be thought through some more in the next version. Great pictures and worth reading.

The Samsung Q1 is a first of the very first generation of the Ultra Mobile PC devices. That said, we can surely expect improvements in future models. The Q1 is a perfect device for specific users who need to stay connected and productive on the go. Our advice is simply this: Do not expect the Q1 to be a “replacement” for a real Tablet PC or notebook computer. The Q1 and UMPC devices in general are an excellent alternative to users who wish to have much more functionality than they can get from a PDA, but to avoid carrying an entire Tablet PC or notebook computer everywhere. If this describes “you”, the Q1 is certainly worth your consideration.


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